Log In to Make A Request to Send Your File

You will be able to log in if (1) your registration with Career Services is currently active and (2) any past due fees have been paid.

Note also that if your login ID (student number) does not start with a 'W' (ie 7-digits) you will need to login with your new (beginning with W) login ID. To get this number, just type in your current login ID and password, click on 'Login', and your new Login ID will appear in the 'Login ID' text field. Type your password in again and click on 'Login' and you will be logged in.

Login ID: (Your student ID. eg. W00000000)
Password: (Must be at least 6 characters)

Not able to log in? Contact us by email or call the Reference Files office at (360) 650-2980.

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